About The Learning Tools To Play Your New Instrument

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               Now that you have the perfect Instrument That’s Rite For You

                                     It’s Time To Learn How To Play It.


I like to go through some links and tools I have to help you achieve your goals with playing.

I’ve used most of these links to learn just about everything I know about playing guitar, violin, piano and a little of mandolin. There are so many out there you can learn from. But, The links I’m sharing with you, I personally used and found very helpful and still use them all the time to learn new techniques. All of these can be used for beginners or pros.


There are links to the top YouTube music teachers to watch for free online. Some of them have their own lesson package you can buy from them with eBook’s you can printout to learn offline. Some even have live lessons through Skype. YouTube is a grate place to start.


If you need help learning cords I have links to free with the option to pay for upgrades learning cords with scrolling pages to play along with tons of music. I love this site! I use it all the time when I play my guitar. It’s grate when you’re wanting to jam out and you might forget the cord arrangement or how to make a cord. It shows you both. With the scrolling page you don’t have to manually scroll the page while your trying to play. So you can keep on jamming away! It’s definitely worth the try!


If you’re wanting to learn Tabs there’re Links to free Tabs, cords and lyrics with option to up grade to more features. It’s a very handy site I use as well. If you’re wanting to learn intros or solos this is a good place to go for the tabs to show you how to play every note.


You’ll find links to tuning and maintaining your instruments as well. It’s very important to take care of you instruments. A guitar for example: You can’t learn how to play very well if your guitar is out of tune, The strings are shot, The fret board is dirty and sticky, The bridge is out of whack or strings are too high, or the neck is loose or off centered. You should Always after buying a new guitar have it set up before you even take it home, If you buy it from a store. If you buy one online take it to your closest music store like Guitar Center and have them set it up for you. It don’t cost a much to have that done but, It’s very important that you have it done. Especially if you don’t know how to do it your self.


If you want to get down and dirty learning; I have some grate teachers you can subscribe to for in depth lessons with any type of music you’re wanting to play. With all kinds of tools you can use with your lessons. These guys will definitely get you to where you want to be. If you have the budget to sign up with them, It will definitely be a good move! They have teachers specialized in all areas of music. Tell them what kind of music you want to play and they have a teacher just for that type of music. I love that concept! For the fact, That just because someone can shred hard core metal don’t mean they know how to play pop or classical or play other types of music. I know a few people that can play  country but, cant play rock or they can play rock but cant play in drop D tuning. These teachers are specialized in each type of music culture. Please check them out! You’ll love it!


This is just a start of what I have for you here. I hope you get as much good use out of these learning tools as I do. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask or share your opinions. I want to make this a fun learning experience for everyone to enjoy. Any suggestions to help me make it even better just let me know and I will do everything I can to adapt to your request.

As always; Thank you for your support and coming to my site.

4 thoughts on “About The Learning Tools To Play Your New Instrument

  1. Hi, this is such a beautiful site! I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums. I have not done it yet, but I am not giving up on my dream. I’ll check back on this article as soon as I start learning the drums 🙂
    You have some very useful information here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh no! Thank you for the very nice complement! Music is such huge part of my life and I want to share everything that I have learned with everyone ells. I have so much more to come! I’ll have something to help you learn how to play drums on here real soon. Please do come back from time to time when your ready to play. I’ll help all I can!

    Thanks so much for visiting my site!

  3. I have so greatly enjoyed music all my life, I honestly wish I had started learning to play an instrument at a younger age. I’ve tried to teach myself guitar and piano, but unfortunately didn’t stick with them long enough! I had a bit more progress with the piano, but nothing substantial. Then in 2017 I picked up the ukulele with the intention of playing a song for my husband at our wedding and I took off! It’s certainly a fun little instrument to play and YouTube has definitely been an amazing resource for info.

    1. That is so cool! I would of love to do that at my wedding! But, at that time I couldn’t play a note. lol The hardest thing in learning to play that I found is; Sticking with it. As soon as you stat learning a few little songs it gets more exciting and makes you want to learn more. I played a 3 cord song over and over for a month when I first started. lol I drove everybody crazy with the same song. but every week after I learned a new cord and learned more and more songs. Just takes time. A ukulele is fun to play and you can take it anywhere! Its a very nice instrument to take with you on long trips to sing and play in the car. Thanks so much for visiting my sight and good luck playing!

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