Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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About This Website

It’s All About Playing Music

Is a site made for musicians and D.J.’s of all levels to come to for all your equipment needs in one place. Bringing the top music companies together by adding their products on one website to make shopping for all your needs so much easier and faster. With all the top name brands like; Fender, Gibson, Peavey, Mackie, JBL and so much more.

This is also the place to get all the behind the scenes products that music stores dont carry that bands and D.J.s need as well; Like Personalized banners and signs, Personalized merchandise,  business cards, record keeping books ext.

It has suggested free learning links for learning how to play musical interments for beginners and pros with some of the best online music teachers and reading music. A list of recording studios, maintenance on equipment, Top 10 equipment, singer songwriter contest and much more to help you achieve your goals.

Helping new artist become known is such a big deal for me. There’s so many talented artist out their trying to make it and just can’t get enough exposure to the right people. So, There will soon be a place here for all new artist that want to sell their music and get it heard. Any and all bands are welcome to post their play dates on the upcoming events page and post links to their band page as well. This free to do So, post away!

I want to make this the best shopping experience as I can for you So, I will take any advice, suggestions or answer any questions you may have to make it ever better. If you like my site please share and give feedback.

Thank you!


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6 thoughts on “About This Website

  1. I don’t know much about DJ’s, but I played guitar with a couple of different bands throughout my life. Having gear in one place makes it easy.

    1. Making it easier for musicians is my plan. Guitar is my main instrument I play too. I cant help but want a new one every time I play a nice one. lol But, I really enjoy playing and hope to bring others to want to learn to play too. Thank you so much for visiting my site and happy playing!

  2. I believe your website is coming along great!!! This is for sure going to be a useful Niche!!! good job!!!!

  3. This is a great idea! I’m glad you have put this blog together so that musicians and djs can all come onto your blog and be able to compare and contrast different brands. Very creative, can’t wait to see what your blog will look like six months from now.

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