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The Use Of Different Types Of Capo’s

What is a Guitar Capo?

A capo is a small device that is used on the neck of a guitar which reduces the playable length of the strings. This raises the pitch of the guitar strings when played. The capo is made such that it fits onto the neck of the guitar on the selected fret which shortens the length of the strings. The musician could play guitar with an altogether different tuning. Hence guitarist uses capo for alternative purpose of playing guitar. There are many kinds of capos out there. Here is just a few to show you some of the types they have.

Strap on Guitar Capos

It is the simplest form of guitar capo that consists of two components namely a rubber strap and a bar. The bar is placed on the guitar strings and the strap is tightened firmly around the neck of the guitar.

Trigger Style Guitar Capos

It is the one of the most common type of guitar capo. It consists of two bars which are held tight with the help of a spring. The first bar is placed over strings whereas the second bar pushes behind the neck. This capo allows guitarists to quickly and easily change the tension of device, thus they are also known as quick release capos.

Spring Loaded Capos


It uses spring controlled handle that allows guitarists to add or remove the capo easily. It is somewhat similar to trigger style capo. This capo can be placed or removed using single hand. The tension of this capo cannot be adjusted like trigger style capo hence it could lead to string bend.

Ratchet Capos

The Ratchet Capo uses a simple and intuitive design to gently lock strings into place at any desired fret. It is made of plastic or fiber like material and mostly works on the technique of ratchet locks being used. One press of the quick release lever unlocks the capo for placement around the guitar’s neck. Once in place a gentle squeeze with your fingering hand locks the ratchet capo into place.

Ratchet Capo Demo

Screw-on Capos

These capos use a single screw to for clamping the capo over guitar neck. The tension of the device is adjusted through a screw that is held on one of the bars of the capo. It can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise to built or release the tension.

Roller Capos

This capo can be said a revolutionary device. Imagine that a guitarist changing the capo position in the middle of playing the music without interrupting the show. This capo have rollers on both the sides hence the guitarist can change the keys quickly in the middle just by rolling the capo forward or backward.

Roller Capo Demo 

Partial Capos

Another alternate type of guitar capo available these days, is known as the partial capo which is commonly used to fret certain selected strings of the guitar.

Alternate Tuning Capos

Spider Capo

The alternative tuning device is ideal for guitarists who want to experiment with guitar tuning on various levels since this capo allows the musician to tune every individual string which in turn provides numerous possibilities for open string tuning and all this can be accomplished without detuning the guitar.

This is a demo of the spider capo so you can see how it works.

spider capo demo


Capo Clips

Universal Bar Chord Capo Clip

The Universal Bar Chord Capo Clip is diverse and powerful It is made to create the the two most common bar chords on guitar. Chords used in thousands of songs. It can be used anywhere on your guitar neck its multi hole plate allows endless chord possibilities including Major, Minor, 7ths Diminished and much more. Get creative and remove some of the fretters letting the open strings ring free come up with your own ideas it’s easy!

Capo Clips Demo


Hand Cord Capo

Hand Chord emulates classic bar chords used in thousands of songs. You play full bar chords without even touching the strings. It takes away the pain and frustration, no more hurting fingers just a soft cushy rubber feel. It’s also a shortcut for people who don’t have the time to learn guitar and can also be a gateway for people learning guitar to help them concentrate on strumming and getting a feel for playing – without months of practice. It also has fantastic potential for people with physical disabilities, arthritis and people with reduced hand strength or coordination. No complicated fingerings to memorize no more calluses or blisters, For the first time play with long finger nails. Line it up on the strings squeeze it to the neck and strum, slightly lift off and slide it to the next chord.

Hand Cord Demo

Tuner Capo

A tuner capo is capo and tuner built in one.

Ez-Fret Guitar Attachment

For those who have given up playing the guitar due to finger pain, string buzzing, or the need to develop callouses when fretting the strings directly.

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